Richard Troy - #1 Medical Blogger in Asia

Who am I?

As a team leader and instructor paramedic, I have accrued eight years of experience with the Italian Emergency Medical Service, of which I was a member from 2008. While being a paramedic I also attended medical school for three years, served as an instructor with the American Heart Association, teaching and guiding doctors and nurses through first aid and CPR and earned my Australian Diploma of Paramedical Science. My time in these roles and programs helped me lay the groundwork for my career in the medical field, preparing me to understand and study more in-depth topics and provide others with helpful insights and information.

Eager to find something new, different, and challenging, I left behind my comfortable position and paused my med school studies, venturing out on my own. That was when I moved to Thailand and launched MedTravel Asia, putting to good use all of the knowledge that I had built up caring for more than 15,000 patients during my time as a paramedic. I continue to study medicine in earnest, delving into the latest concepts and technologies, all the better to explain and inform my audience about what is going on in the medical field and where it appears to be headed.

founder of MedTravel Asia and medical blogger

What do I do?

Through MedTravel Asia, I have found an outlet to share my passion for medicine. I continue to read medical textbooks, medical news and research papers on my own, feeling the same vigor for this work that I felt twelve years ago. That vigor never left me, and although the work that I am doing today is less immersive than the work I was doing as a paramedic, I feel even more fulfilled than ever before. I know that through MedTravel Asia, I am reaching and helping more people than I could have through traditional venues.

My approach to this website is straightforward: I am leveraging my expertise in the medical field to keep learning about the most advanced procedures, tests, and supplements. I read all of the newest reports so that I am up to date on diseases and conditions, staying ahead of the curve so that I can afford my audience an edge in the world. To put it simply, I am helping people understand their own health more fully than they ever thought they could have. To ensure accuracy, I often read a dozen full medical papers and chapters from a handful of medical textbooks on the subject before I publish anything new, guaranteeing that any claim I make will be updated, accurate and hold up to scrutiny.

I focus on medical tourism, communicating to patients what they need to know about setting up and securing medical treatments at clinics in Asia. While I have written mainly blog posts to date, I intend to stretch out into video interviews and video reviews and other content types in the near future.

Reviewing and verifying all of the doctors and clinics that I recommend, I am careful about the information that I post on MedTravel Asia. I make it my business to know how each doctor performs each procedure, looking into surgery statistics, infection control, safety protocols, and other relevant details. When it comes to my readers’ well-being, I am always willing to work harder and do more for the best information possible.

Where to find me?

You can find me on Quora where I answered over 380 questions mainly on medical subjects with over 900,000 answer views. Some of my answers have been featured in the Quora Digest email and I have been featured as most viewed writers in the Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, Medicine and Healthcare topics as well.

You can also find me on LinkedIn or you can follow me on Instagram posting updates about my life in Bangkok.

You can also send me an email of fill out the contact form if you’re looking for advice on medical tourism and procedures and if you need a quotation and to be connected with the best clinics and specialists in Asia: I provide this service free of charge.

What’s next?

I’m laying the ground for a future start-up. I want to address the flaws currently present in the medical tourism sector, implement new technologies, improve the overall patient experience and shake up the healthcare industry worldwide. It will take some time to accomplish this, so keep following me for more updates.