Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight. Actually, getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome.

– John Wooden –

Our Values


We are a team of medical professionals and we truly LOVE medicine.


We are ready to go the extra mile for you, because we sincerely CARE


SAFETY is our #1 priority.
Human life is priceless.


For us it is either the BEST or nothing.

A message from the founder

Medical travel started to rise since early 2000s. It was born from the need to find an affordable healthcare without giving up quality of treatment. Financial crisis, cuts to healthcare expenditure, and rising costs of treatments in countries where there’s private healthcare plus the possibility to actually enjoy a vacation in beautiful destinations before or after treatment whilst still saving money, all lead to the boom of the second decade of the new millennium.

  • South Korea measured a 100% rise within two years going from 80K inbound patients in 2010 to over 159K patients from 188 countries in 2012.
  • Thailand, the first ASEAN and non-G8 country to be certified by the Joint Commission International in 2002, saw a double figure growth each year all the way to the estimated 3 million inbound patients in 2017.
  • Malaysia developed a world-class  healthcare and saw a boost in medical travel from 640K patients in 2011 to over 1 Million patients in 2017


From this growing need MedTravel.Asia was established in mid-2018 after over one year of planning, research and networking. For a better information for the prospective medical travelers. To give a safe and of utmost quality alternative. To give everyone the possibility to benefit of the elective and semi-elective therapies, treatments and surgeries within the comfort of the forefront medical facilities under the hands of doctors and surgeons whose passion lead them to study and practice in the medical centers of excellence around the world, before going back to their homeland. All this with the guarantee that we, medical professionals from different countries and fields, have thoroughly vetted doctors, clinics and treatments before marking them as verified. For your safety, serenity and convenience. For a better healthcare experience.

Richard T.
CEO & Founder

About MedTravel Asia

Hi, and welcome to MedTravel Asia. We are a platform that allows you to explore handpicked venues, uncover Asia’s best medical facilities and much more! Our unique website allows visitors to explore information that has been specifically chosen and verified by our team. We ensure that we provide thorough information about the doctors, clinics and procedures because our customers making informed decisions is our number one priority. MedTravel Asia is also unique in that we allow our customers to use our platform to plan everything they need! Through our simple three step process, visitors can choose the right medical facilities, doctors and procedures for them, organize their trip and book all accommodations necessary and enjoy they treatment they have chosen in their chosen destination. We know that through choosing MedTravel Asia, you are able to enjoy a better healthcare experience!

What we do

We understand that it can be difficult to find information about healthcare facilities in order to decide what is truly best for you. That’s why we make sure that we provide completely unbiased details and include pros and cons about everything we feature on our website. We also consult the most recent medical literature and books before publishing so that our readers can feel completely confident that they are making the best choice for them. Here at MedTravel Asia, we are a team of healthcare professionals. Our diverse range of qualifications and experiences, combined with our love for travel, allows us to have a unique vantage point in which to provide information to those who visit our website. Our passion for medicine and providing our customers with the best experience possible fuels MedTravel Asia and we strive to give everyone the safe and of utmost quality alternative that they desire.

Safety is our core value

We are incredibly considerate of the safety of our customers, especially when it comes to their right to safely receive a medical treatment. This consideration is the focus of everything we do and we insist on going the extra mile to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible. For each medical facility, procedure and doctor featured on MedTravel Asia, we visit the clinics, interview doctors and obtain a detailed CV that lists their studies, work experience, stats and surgery records. We vet these clinics and doctors as if we were going to receive our own treatment from them which is why it is incredibly critical that each meets our standards in all areas before we verify their listing on our website.

What's in it for you

MedTravel Asia allows visitors to safely and carefully make the medical decisions that are right for them with confidence while also exploring places they would like to visit on their journey. We care about each person who visits our website and we truly want them to have the best experience possible. Our MedTravel Asia team is dedicated to providing accurate information that will assist our customers while also making them feel confident and secure that they are making the right choice. Have questions? Please feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to help you choose the right procedure, doctor and facility for you, organize your trip and enjoy the treatment and destination of your choice.